Eight incredible years!

He is Spanish and she is Dutch. Both are artists in metal and modern sculpture.
Anne: "Sixteen years ago we met and we directly felt this 'click', unmistakably because of our mutual love for art. Cosé is wonderful in steel and he is truly gifted when it comes to drawing animals. I was professionally trained in modern sculpture, assemblage and ceramics, and the two of us seem to be very complementary."
Cosé: " We love surrealism, surprise, humor and new concepts. We try to go beyond the first idea that comes up. We get inspired by plastic seats and curling tree roots, by old metal wheels and, more then once, by an iron and iron board, as in Anne's installation 'The Invisible Woman' exhibited a few years ago."
Anne: "We both love to work in metal -zinc, steel, aluminum, copper- , especially with reclaimed and used materials, which have a particular patina and the traces of a life before."

Februari 2013 Anne and Cosé opened KleinManzanoArt at Etsy where they display and sell their smaller sculptural art work and their drawings.
"These eight years at Etsy have been fantastic for us. Making art with our body and soul and knowing that people all over the world are enjoying our work, far away in their homes, just gives us so much satisfaction! It encourages to work even harder to make our dream come true: To live from our art-business."

Up 'till now KleinManzanoArt has found its way to (mostly private) collections in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and The United States.